Career Focused Learning Modules for PMBA

Frequently asked questions for Professional MBA (PMBA) students:

  • What is a career Focused Learning Module (FLM)?
    • A focused learning module is an option for PMBAs to gain in-depth knowledge within a careerfocused topic. Each module consists of four courses: one Core class (required as part of the PMBA program) plus three electives designed specifically for comprehensive coverage of the module topic.
  • What FLMs are currently available?
    1.  Business Analytics
    2.  Digital Marketing
    3.  Investments & Private Wealth Management
    4.  Strategic Leadership
  • Are additional FLMs being considered?
    • Yes. Additional FLMs will be announced in the future.
  • Can I fit an FLM into my PMBA program?
    • An FLM can be completed with a combination of courses offered within the PMBA program plus additional courses taken after PMBA program completion. Specifically, each FLM consists of one Core class plus three electives that are designated as part of the FLM. Within the PMBA program, students take the Core class for any/all FLMs (e.g., Financial Management is the Core class for the Investments & Private Wealth Management FLM). Depending on a particular cohort’s course schedule, PMBA students may have completed one of the designated FLM electives (e.g., Investments & Portfolio Management). To meet FLM requirements, two or three additional courses are taken after completing the PMBA program.
  • Are all FLM courses offered online?
    • All PMBA classes are offered in person, as part of the cohort, including FLM Core classes. All FLM elective courses are online (if not already taken as electives within the PMBA program).
  • Are FLMs required in the Rutgers-Camden PMBA program?
    • No, FLMs are not required to complete the PMBA program.
  • Is there a specific FLM course sequence?
    • Yes. FLMs have a Core class (required as part of the PMBA program) that is a prerequisite for subsequent FLM elective courses. In addition, some FLM electives are sequenced. Please see FLM descriptions and courses for additional information.
  • When will I declare, to the PMBA Office, my interest in developing an FLM?
    • In Session 4, the PMBA Office will provide information on FLM “flight plans” (tentative schedule of FLM electives), and PMBA students will be polled for FLM interest. Assuming a PMBA student has completed all PMBA program requirements, the PMBA student will officially declare FLM intentions as part of graduation paperwork (~March 1), with two FLM routes:
      1.  A PMBA student can elect to delay officially filing for graduation and can still “walk” at graduation; the student can then complete the FLM after completing PMBA program requirements. Once FLM courses are completed, the student then officially files for graduation and receives the MBA diploma along with an FLM certificate. OR
      2.  A PMBA student can file for graduation, officially graduate and “walk” at graduation. As an alumnus of the program, the PMBA graduate can elect to complete the FLM for credit through non-degree admission (see below).
  • If I choose not to develop an FLM while a PMBA student, can I return and develop an FLM as an alumnus?
    • Yes. PMBA graduates/alumnishould complete a Non-Degree application (and $70 application fee), requesting non-degree (NOD) admission for the FLM certificate program, which involves for-credit classes. The applicable courses from the PMBA program will count toward the FLM certificate. Once all of the designated FLM courses are successfully completed, the FLM certificate will be awarded and will be recorded on the student’s transcript. Consistent with Rutgers School of Business-Camden scholastic standing policies, FLM courses must be successfully completed within six years.

      Important to note: NOD graduate students do not qualify for Financial Aid/Military funding since all graduate students are required to be enrolled in a degree program to qualify.

  • Will the FLM designation post to my transcript?
    • Yes, once FLM courses are successfully completed, the FLM certificate designation will post to the transcript.
  • Will the FLM designation post to my diploma?
    • No.
  • Will I receive a certificate for the FLM?
    • Yes
  • How much do the post-PMBA program elective FLM courses cost?
    • Once the PMBA program is completed, FLM electives courses are taken online. Tuition and associated fees for the online FLM electives are according to the tuition and fee schedule for Rutgers Online MBA courses and the credit hours associated with them.
  • Are FLMs considered a “certification” within a corresponding career area?
    • Academic certificates are different than industry-based certifications. The FLM certificate indicates that a student has successfully completed a designated set of academic courses associated with a career-focused topic. A certification typically means that an individual has passed a professional or industry-based test of skills and competencies. As an academic institution, our program offers certificates to recognize successful completion of a designated set of academic courses with content that is readily applicable to the workplace.